Hi everyone, I am back with another lipstick post. I have said it before and I'm going to say it again, I love lipsticks...I love all sorts of lip products, I think I might have a problem !! A few days back I was out with my sister for some grocery shopping and as soon as I saw a Maybelline counter I headed there without a second thought, I was swatching some lipsticks when I sister pointed out to me that I already have the shade I was lusting over but being the elder sibling I bought the shade which later turned out to be the same shade that was lying at the back of my drawer (hoarding problems). Is it just me or does anyone else have the same problem o_O !!
Okay so coming on to the topic, this is my fourth Sugar Cosmetics lipstick and I got this one in my July Fabbag. I love their formulation, feels so nice and comfortable on the lips.

Packaging :

I love their artistic outer carton, the lipstick comes in a matte black tube. It says the shade name on one side and 'Sugar' on another side. It has a click closure, that means everytime I open or close the tube it make a click sound that ensures a tight closure, which is great because I know the lid is not going to just come off in my bag and ruin my lipstick.

Price :  It retails for INR 599 (3.5g)

Ingredients :

My Review :

As I have already used Sugar's lipstick before I was expecting nothing but the best from this one too and in my opinion it is one of those red colors that will suit a lot of skin tones. It is a beautiful neutral red with a complete matte finish. It's creamy texture does not dry the lips at all, the application is effortless no pulling or tugging of lips, also there is a slight vanilla-y fragrance to it which does not bother me not does it linger on. It does not bleed or feather out so you don't actually need a lip liner with it.

In Natural Light

In Artificial Light

It is quite nicely pigmented but you might need two swipes for that opaque red color. It lasts on me for about 5-6 hours with light meal after which it starts to fade gradually but it leave a pretty red stain behind and reapplication is only needed if you have had a heavy oily meal. The smooth texture does not cling to dry lip patches, although I do recommend to moisturize your lips.

It does transfer but not heavily and once on the lip it does not feel sticky even after reapplication. Now as for the removing part, it comes off easily even with a wet wipe no need for a makeup remover for it and once off there is no staining of lips.

Pros :

  • Decent pigmentation
  • Creamy texture
  • Matte finish
  • Non drying formula
  • Good sturdy packaging
  • Easy to apply
  • No lip liner required
  • Stays for at least 5-6 hours

Cons :

  • Slight transfer
  • Not an every day color

Final Verdict :

I am always looking for flattering red shades and this one has definitely made it in my list. Of course this is not a daily wear color but an excellent choice for a special occasion or even if you are just in a mood to dress up !!
Will I buy it again ? Oh Yes !!

That is all for this post guys, do let me know your favorite red lipstick !
Stay tuned...till next time
Take Care.
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