I don't know even a single person who likes the way their brows are thick, thin, rounded, arched, you name it they are all there but no one is ever happy with them. I think it is impossible to get them done in the shape you want whether you thread them or wax them ! I personally have never liked mine done any way :( So to rescue us there are brow products and I recently got my hands on this new product by Freedom makeup, it is their Brow Pomade. Well I have seen and read many people compare it to the Anastasia DipBrow Pomade but I have not used the Anastasia one so I can't actually say if it is a dupe for that or not ! 

Packaging :

It comes in a small, black, rectangular outer carton that displays the shade name on one side and list of ingredients on another side. I suppose it says 'Freedom' at the top but mine is covered with the price sticker over it. The product comes in a small, thick, clear plastic tub which gives it a glass like appearance. Over all it is a sturdy packaging.

Ingredients :

Price :

It retails for INR 900 for 2.5 gm of product. I got this during a sale for around 800. The shelf life is two years and trust me guys 2.5 gm is going to last for quite a while.

Tips to use :

I am going share some of my tips with you because I struggled with initially and if you are using something like this for the first time, it is easy to get confused.

  • Always take a small amount of product at a time
  • Use a very light hand at first, you do not want to apply too much pressure
  • Draw short strokes, don't try to fill a large area at a time
  • Start by tracing out the shape of brows you want. begin from the bottom line then draw the upper line
  • Then start filling in the shape you have traced, go in the direction of you hair growth
  • Be light handed in the area where the brows begin, the tail area can be a bit darker
  • Make sure to brush through the brows after filling them to give a more natural look

My Review :

I believe brows truly frame one's face and if you wear glasses like I do, then you know what I'm talking about, keeping your brows in a good shape becomes even more more important. I have this brow pomade in the shade 'Caramel Brown' and I think it suits my skin tone perfectly, it does not look too made up or heavy when I wear it. It is decently pigmented and you do not need a lot of product each time.

I think it is safe to say that it is water resistant because it has been raining quite a lot recently and my eyebrows did not budge at all.  
There is just a little thing that I wish to point out, it does not come with a brush so if you don't already own an angled brush, you might have to buy an additional brush to use it. This little tub is going to last me a long time.

Final Verdict :

I have been using this almost every day for more than a month now and I am totally loving it !! Yes I will buy it again...given I finish this one in this life time !! and I certainly recommend to you all to give it a try.

That is all for this post,
Stay tuned...till next time,
Take Care.
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