Hi everyone, hope you all are doing great, can you believe half of 2016 is officially over, we are in July So in July I have my July's Lady Raga bag. This month's theme is Summer Splash, well while we are still hoping for splashes in this summer, let us see what Lady Raga has for us this time.

This month's bag is quite spacious kind of like a travel pouch, blue with white borders and has kind of a water resistant feel to it. I like it, the zipper has a wrist sling end to it, making it a great travel companion.

Moving on, the first thing I have is a Basil and Cucumber Skin Soother from the brand fuschia. It is a skin mask and it is gel based.It comes in a small plastic tub and the tub was is a small mesh pouch of its own. It smells a bit medicinal but this product is paraben free, SLS free so that is great ! I am really looking forward to use it.
It is a full size product of 60gm and retails for INR 225.

The next product is a Green Tea Face and Body Scrub again from fuschia. As the name suggests it is a face and body scrub and this smells really good and again this one is paraben and SLS free plus it is a green tea variant which is good for my skin type.This also comes in a plastic tub and in a separate mesh pouch.Really happy with this one too.It is a full size product of 50gm and retails for INR 225.

Then I have this beautiful golden multi chained necklace with a small star attached to each chain. I must say it is a really nice statement piece, can be paired easily with casuals as well as ethnic wear. This cross multi layer chain star maxi necklace is worth INR 350.

Next thing is a Bath Sponge from Rosiemarry. Of course it is a full sized product ! Mine is in white and orange color. Well bath sponges are always welcome by me because I have a dog who just loves to tear off and play with loofahs and sponges, so I am happy with this one. It retails for INR 145.

Next I have got a Eyeliner Pencil from Nabi in the color Black. It is like a regular wooden pencil that is supposed to be sharpened. It has a decent pigmentation, it is not smudge proof, I don't know if it is waterproof or not. But then again a black liner is always welcome in my vanity. It retails for INR 199.

Lastly its time for the surprise gift and this time I got a pair of earrings, these are black oxidised kind of a metal with a big black stone in it. It is pretty and quite wearable even for a daily look.

To sum up, I loved this month's bag. There are six products this time and all are full sized which is great, and the best part is that all the products have good chances of being used and not be dumped at the back of a drawer. If you liked this month's bag, then go get yours !

That is all for this post,
Till next time,
Take Care. 
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