Hi everyone, this post is going to be about June Fabbag : The Beauty Addict. I have been a Fabbag subscriber for over an year now and I think I sometimes care more about the actual bag or pouch than the products ! Guilty !

Moving on to this month's bag, it is a rectangular, opaque black bag made of canvas type material. On one side it says 'EAT SLEEP MAKEUP REPEAT' along with some beauty products printed and the other side is blank. Now guys I love love love things that have quotes written on them T shirts, posters, coffee mugs anything, if it has something written on it I instantly get attracted to it !!
And so I love this bag...yaaasssss !!

The first product I got is ROC Retin-Ox Correxion Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Serum. It comes with a small information pamphlet. The serum is in an glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It is a full size product of 30 ml and retails for INR 2000.
Now I am not sure if I am the right candidate to use it because I don't have wrinkles yet so maybe my mom can use it.

Next product is Karite Buerre Pure Shea Butter. This is a sample size product of 20 gm and the full size (50 g) retails for INR 499. It says that it it enriched with vitamin A and E which is great and it smells nice. Shea butter works wonders for dry skin I am definitely gonna use.

This time I got an e-mail from Fabbag to choose a product and I choose 'Be a Bombshell' Eye Crayon in the shade 'Amazon'. It is a full size product (2.5 g) and retails for INR 1200. Now this is a pretty Green color with a pearl finish, the crayon is in a twist up tube which is a good feature. I will use in a look for sure.

Lastly I have got 'Skin Yoga' 'Coffee Body Scrub' it is Fragrance free, Preservative free and Paraben free and cruelty free !! It is a full size product and retails for INR 845. Coffee is a natural cellulite cutter and I have used coffee scrubs before and loved them all. I am very excited to try this.

Well I like this month's bag, it not super exciting but it is quite decent with usable products so I am not disappointed with the bag I am good with it.

That is all for this post,
Stay tuned...till next time
Take Care.
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